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James Northfield and the Art od Selling Australia
James Northfield and the Art of Selling Australia

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Produced by the National Library of Australia

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National Museum of Australia in Canberra

A screen display in the main hall featuring 10 James Northfield Travel Poster images.
  On display 2017 – 2019

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James Northfield
Heritage Art Trust

James Northfield's Work

James Northfield

1887 – 1973
Fine Artist, Commercial & Poster Artist
from 1918 to the 1970s
James Northfield was one of the most celebrated commercial artists of the 20th century in Australia.  He was recognised for his sound draughtsmanship, his excellent composition and the remarkable atmosphere of light and colour with which he captured the quality of the Australian landscape.  His work appeared in billboard advertisements, promotional travel posters and posters relating to World Wars I and II.
Northfield was born at Inverleigh in Victoria in 1887 and educated in Geelong.  He served his apprenticeship in Geelong and Melbourne, had a studio in the Melbourne city for 25 years, and was a Director or the Art Training Institute of Victoria.

James Northfield Heritage Art Trust

The purpose of the Trust is to protect and promote the art of James Northfield, a talented  and respected Australian commercial artist who had a unique ability to capture the essence of Australia’s heritage in his time.

Enquiries & Commercial Use of Images

All enquiries regarding James Northfield images, including use for commercial purposes, should be directed to the James Northfield Heritage Art Trust

Email: isaac@jamesnorthfield.org.au Ph 0408 141 332


held by
the James Northfield Heritage Art Trust.

 Copyright is valid until 2043.

Please note: any person/s or company reproducing Northfield artworks without copyright permission will be in breach of copyright and appropriate action will be taken.

‘James Northfield
 Lithographic Scholarship’

AIM: To support an annual scholarship
administered by Australian Print Workshop Inc. for the purposes of honouring the art of James Northfield.

The scholarship is awarded to contemporary artists/printmakers who wish to develop their practice in the area of lithography.

As James Northfield was a pioneer of lithography in
Australia 1920-1950s, this scholarship will help ensure the continuation of this art form via current artistic scholars.

The inaugural scholarship was awarded in 2015, then again in 2016. 

The annual scholarship for 2017 has been awarded and the successful applicant will attend Australian Print Workshop (APW) utilising their facilities, classes and accessing the skills of the senior printmakers at APW


Vintage travel posters by James Northfield from the late 1920s –1930s which promoted the Australian Travel Industry.
 The Victorian Railways, Australian National Publicity Association, Commonwealth Railways and Government Shipping and Travel Offices sponsored this effort to entice international visitors to visit.

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