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Attack Attack

Red Cross

Mount Buffalo

Australian Scenery

The impact of James Northfield posters leaves a lasting visual impression. His posters covered a wide variety of Australian landscapes and helped promote Australia both at home and overseas.

Travel Posters

Coolangatta for your Winter Holidays invites the viewer to enjoy sun, sea and sand. Travel posters such as this covered many towns and areas across Australia and promoted tourism in all regions.

Australian Cities

Canberra, Federal Capital & Garden City is a great example of the light and shade that James Northfield was so masterful in achieving.

Commercial Posters

Foster's Lager invites you to come and enjoy. Many of Northfield's illustrations were used to advertise products including food, beverages, clothing, and household items.

The War Years

An action packed poster for World War II, Attack Attack is typical of James Northfield's style during the war years.

Public Institutions

Welcome Back - the wattle girl. A welcoming face, a bunch of Australia's native wattle, yellow and green. The colour of Australia welcomes home the troops from World War II.

Outdoor Life

Mt Buffalo advertises the delights of the high country. The Australian light is captured with the chill of winter and excellent composition with the figures framing the chalet in the background.

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